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  • Long shell life

    Baby Jesus in eggshell - Photo by Fiona VellaAlthough during the Christmas season, it is customary to see statues of baby Jesus in a manger or in a crib, in Candice Fava’s shop New EGGsperience, the holy child would be seen resting in a decorated eggshell.

    “I love to create unique hand-made objects and this craft of eggshell decoration has provided me with the opportunity to have my own niche market,” Fava explains.

    Fava was raised on a farm in Australia, where her family sold eggs. They had several clients but one particular client intrigued Fava since she regularly purchased a substantial quantity of eggs.

    “One day I decided to ask her why she always needed so many eggs and she promised that the next time she called at our farm, she would bring me a gift to show me. I felt deeply curious and I awaited her next visit with much anticipation. Eventually, she brought me a little jewel box adorned with lovely fabrics and accessories. I could not believe that she had actually made it with one of the eggs from our farm!”

    Xmas eggshell decoration (3) - Photo by Fiona VellaFava was so fascinated with this idea that she decided to learn this craft. At the farm, she had all the eggs that she required and in time she learnt how to clean them without breaking them. Soon, she was producing her own eggshell decorations.

    “The first item I made was a jewel box which I painted with bright nail polish. I was so delighted when I saw it ready! Today I realize that it wasn’t much but it is still very dear to me as it reminds me from where it all started.”

    Along the years, eggshell decoration became an integral part of Fava’s life. Which explains why she was surprised when she came over to Malta and realized that this craft was totally unknown on the island.

    “It was hard at first to find the necessary materials to work with. However, my husband Ivan helped me to locate some local farms which could provide me with eggs. He also assisted me in the cleaning and sterilization of the eggshells.”

    Eggshell carriage - Photo by Fiona VellaInitially she decorated eggshells for her personal enjoyment. Then she began to give them out as gifts to her friends.

    “My friends were delighted with these eggshell decorations since they had never seen anything like them before. Soon they were asking me to make some more creations for them so that they could give them as presents to others. It was only a matter of time until I confirmed that there was a demand for such products.”

    Ultimately, people’s positive reactions to her craft led her to open her own shop in Zabbar.

    Xmas eggshell decoration (5) - Photo by Fiona Vella“By then, I had produced so many various eggshell decorations that I had no difficulty to fill the shop with my creations. Each time that new clients come in, it is charming to see their incredulity that so many exquisite things can be made from common fragile eggshells.”

    Nowadays, the Favas have located foreign suppliers who are able to furnish them with quantities of ready-made cleaned and sterilized eggshells. Moreover, they have also managed to establish contacts with suppliers of other materials with which the eggshells are decorated.

    Candice and Ivan Fava at their shop - Photo by Fiona Vella“My husband supports me a lot and helps me to come out with new ideas. Along the years, he too became enthusiastic about this work and now he is able to make his own creations.”

    A wide range of differently decorated eggshells which are ideal as gifts for various occasions are displayed at their shop. However, a few of them are not for sale.

    “When we join forces, we create the best decorations,” the two agree. “The collaboration of ideas lead to exclusive objects which become difficult to part from. Some of them, such as the lamp shade, the handbag set and the sea vessel, are cherished objects and we have won prestigious awards for them at local national craft competitions. Such works provide us also with the opportunity to combine different materials and crafts like woodwork and eggshell decoration. Our imagination has no limit, however we are restrained with the eggshells’ curvatures, although we take that as part of the challenge.”

    Lamp shade - Photo by Fiona VellaEven though all of the creations may serve as decorations, some of them also have their own practical use, acting as exotic containers, wearable accessories or light fittings.

    “Besides selling our creations from my shop, I also participate in several fairs and exhibitions and therefore more people are getting to know about this craft. Presently I am also taking part in the program Niskata which airs on TVM. Yet there is still much more to do to create more awareness.”

    “It is great to see how far a simple hobby can take you. Little by little, all my family has become involved in this craft. In fact, my daughter is already coming up with her own designs and creations and my little son is showing interest too.”

    In these last years, Fava has also dedicated herself to teach this craft to all those who are interested, both children and adults. She has also furnished her shop with all the necessary materials including eggshells of various sizes, cut eggshells, acrylic paints, stands, bases and a multitude of other items.

    As Christmas time approaches, the two explore the possibility of new designs and ideas in order to come out with original creations which relate to this theme.

    Eggshell crib - Photo by Fiona Vella“We are always dreaming of what we are going to do next. We work with all sorts of eggshells, starting with the smallest ones of love-birds and parrots, and moving on to larger ones such as those of pigeons, quails, ducks, geese, emu, rhea and ostrich. The geese’s eggs are the most practical because of their size and shape. Other eggs are relished for their natural particular characteristics such as the blackish colour of the rhea eggs and the large shape and pearly shade of the ostrich eggs.”

    “Christmas brings a lot of joy and memories. This festive season opens up a whole new world to create related items with baby Jesus statues, cribs, angels, Father Christmas, reindeers, sparkles and a whole range of bright colours. We love to reflect the warm meaning of Christmas in our works.”

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    Candice Fava Natives watched eagerly with awe as the foreign traders unwrapped large ostrich eggs decorated with exotic painted designs. The Phoenician merchants were sure that the ornamented eggs will be sold out in a matter of minutes, for this race possessed the key to humanity’s heart – the ability to manipulate a sense of wonder. Centuries later this magic still lives … an ingenious craft which started far away in an Australian farm has recently been introduced to our islands by Candice Fava, whose artistry in egg decoration is a joy to behold.

    Ornamental egg decorations“I have fond memories of my childhood. My family lived in a farm in Australia from which we used to sell eggs. We had lots of clients but one particular client attracted my attention since she regularly purchased a substantial quantity of eggs. One day I decided to ask her why she always needed so many eggs and she promised that the next time she called at our farm, she will bring me a gift to show me. I felt deeply curious and I awaited her next visit with much anticipation. When she came she brought me a little jewel box adorned with lovely fabrics and accessories. I could not believe that she had actually made it with one of the eggs from our farm! It was such a fascinating idea that I made up my mind to learn this craft. I was blessed to have so much eggs to experiment upon and my mum urged me and gave me ideas to be creative. Eventually I succeeded to learn how to empty the eggs and clean them thoroughly without breaking them. The first item I made was a jewel box which I painted with a bright nail polish. I was so delighted when I saw it ready! Today I realize that it wasn’t much and I keep it hidden away. However it is very dear to me as it reminds me from where it all started.”

    Egg Christmas Cracker openLooking at the variety of decorated eggs in her shop NewEggsperience in Żabbar, it was clear that Candice had learned the craft quite well. I surely found it hard to understand how she could carve out doors, windows, shelves and other designs from a simple egg-shell. And like the famous incredulous St Thomas, she had to allow me to hold an object in my hands in order to affirm that it was really made out of an egg.

    Egg Santa Sleigh and Reindeer“People everywhere react in this way with regards to these items since most think that eggshell is too fragile to work with. However the eggs which I use today are provided by foreign farms who specialize in this sector where probably the birds are given food mixed with fragmented shells in order to harden the quality of their eggshells. This craft is so widespread in different countries that there are also factories which sell a variety of cleansed eggs.”

    Yet when Candice came over to Malta, she was quite shocked as there were no shops who sold the accessories needed for this work.

    Baby Jesus egg“This craft was totally unknown in Malta but with the help of  my husband I searched on the internet and I succeeded to buy all that was necessary online. Egg decoration had become an essential part of my life and I simply could not stop creating new things. Initially I did these objects for my personal satisfaction. Then surprisingly, when I started to give them out as gifts, I began to receive requests from my friends to make something for them. Eventually I had so many finished objects and I saw so much interest in my work, that I decided to fulfill another dream of mine and I opened this shop.”

    A range of eggs of various sizes and colours were ready to be transformed into new creations. Likewise, small jars of colourful paint and a multitude of various decorations were crying out to become part of a new charming object.

    “I’m always dreaming of what I can do next. I work with all sorts of eggs, starting with the smallest ones of love-birds and parrots, and moving on to larger ones such as those of pigeons, quails, ducks, geese, emu, rhea and ostrich. The geese’ eggs are the most practical because of their size and shape. Other eggs are relished for their natural particular characteristics such as the blackish colour of the rhea eggs and the large shape and pearly shade of the ostrich eggs.”

    For the Christmas season, Candice has come up with exquisite original creations.

    Cribs“Christmas time is wonderful and I love to reflect its warm sensations and meaning in my works. Cribs are the most requested although I have a vast selection of other items too. I’m constantly pondering over new creations as I thrive hard to provide unique hand-made objects which one could give to that special person who deserves such an exclusive gift.

    Some clients have even asked me to show them how these creations are done in order to be able to produce them for themselves and also to compose their very own personal gift this Christmas. I instructed them how to do Christmas crackers first and many clients were delighted to see that even they could produce beautiful objects. For after all, it’s all a matter of creativity, dedication and much patience.”

    Candice Fava (2)I asked her whether she was worried that these very clients would one day become her very competitors.

    “Probably some of them might but I have no problem with that. Instead I feel great satisfaction when I understand that I succeeded to initiate the love for this craft in these islands. For after all what is the value of such creativity if you can’t share it with others?”

    (Note: An edited version of this article was published in FIRST Issue December 2011)

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    Jiena u nikteb dan l-artiklu qed insegwi l-ħelsien ta’ numru ta’ individwi li kienu nqabdu għal diversi ġimgħat taħt l-art fil-minjiera ta’ San Jose fiċ-Ċili. Ma nistax ma nitqanqalx meta nifhem minn xhiex għaddew dawn il-persuni u l-familji tagħhom. U ma nistax ma nammirax il-ħila u l-kobor tal-għarfien tal-bniedem li ħoloq dak il-makkinarju speċifiku għal dil-missjoni.

    L-element ta’ kreattività li għandu l-bniedem ma jieqaf qatt jissoprendik. U nemmen li hija proprju din il-kapaċità partikolari li tiddistingwih minn ħlejqiet oħra. Forsi din hija wkoll ir-raġuni għala huwa rnexxielu jibqa’ jgħix għal dawn is-snin kollha fuq wiċċ din l-art minkejja li d-dinja kull ma tmur tinbidel u toffri sfidi ġodda.

    Għalkemm fuq nota ħafna aktar sempliċi minn dak li qed iseħħ fiċ-Ċili, dil-ġimgħa ltqajt ma’ Candice Fava li wkoll saħħritni bil-ħila kreattiva tagħha. Kapaċi toħloq l-ifjenCandice Fava oġġetti mill-bajd tal-għasafar ta’ kull qies. U trid tarahom biex temmen li dawn l-ornamenti huma maħduma minn dan il-materjal.

    “Din it-tip ta’ sengħa hija xi ħaġa ġdida għal Malta. Fil-fatt kull meta nkun qed nieħu sehem f’xi wirja jew meta jidħlu n-nies fil-ħanut tiegħi u jaraw dawn il-kreazzjonijiet, l-ewwel reazzjoni dejjem tkun ta’ stagħġib u nkredultà.

    L-ewwel mistoqsija li jagħmluli tkun “Imma dawk veru maħduma mill-bajd?” U t-tieni mistoqsija, “Allura dik il-bajda ta’ liema għasfur hi?”

    Tbissimt! Għax jiena kont għadni kif staqsejtha proprju dawn iż-żewġ mistoqsijiet hekk kif tfajt l-ewwel ħarsa tiegħi lejn l-oġġetti esposti wara l-vetrini.

    “Is-selezzjoni ta’ bajd li naħdem bih hija vasta. L-iċken bajd li qatt ħdimt bih kienu tal-amorini u tal-pappagall żgħir li kelli imma sfortunatament dawn mietu u issa l-bajd ta’ dak id-daqs irrid nordnah bħal kif nagħmel bil-bajd kollu l-ieħor. Għax-xogħol tiegħi nuża anki l-bajd tal-ħamiem, tas-summien, tal-papri, tal-wiżż, tal-emu, tar-rhea u tal-ostrich.

    Fl-opinjoni tiegħi l-iktar bajd prattiku għal dax-xogħol huwa dak tal-wiżż peress li d-daqs u l-forma tagħhom jgħinuk ħafna. Fl-istess ħin hemm bajd li għandu ċertu karatteristiċi uniċi li jagħtuk sodisfazzjon mod ieħor bħall-kulur naturali sewdieni tar-rhea u l-qies kabbari u l-kulur perla tal-bajd tal-ostrich.”

    Fuq l-ixkafef twal fil-ġenb tal-ħanut stajt nara għadd ta’ bajd ta’ qisien differenti rranġati puliti fil-kaxxi rispettivi tagħhom. Kollha kienu mtaqqbin minn naħa waħda preċiża. Mill-bqija tant kienu jidhru perfetti li kważi kienu qishom artifiċjali.

    “Għandek raġun tikkummenta hekk fuqhom imma dawn il-bajd jinħolqu apposta għall-użu ta’ din is-sengħa.

    Fil-fatt dawk il-ħlejqiet li minn għandhom ikunu ser jittieħdu l-bajd jitrabbew fi rziezet apposta attrezzati f’dan il-qasam. Probabbilment dawn l-ispeċi jiġu mitmugħa ikel miżjud b’taħlita ta’ arzell imfarrak Candice Fava fil-ħanut tagħhasabiex il-qoxra tal-bajd tagħhom tkun eħxen u aktar b’saħħitha u b‘hekk tkun aktar ideali biex isir dax-xogħol fuqha.

    Qabel ma kont nordna l-bajd lest kont naħli ħafna ħin biex intaqqab il-bajda mingħajr ma nkissirha u mbagħad biex niżvojtha u finalment biex nisterelizzaha. Dan minħabba li jekk l-intern tal-qoxra tal-bajda ma jitnaddafx sew, maż-żmien din ser titnawwar u tinten u jkollok tarmi kollox. Fortunatament f’ċertu pajjiżi jeżistu fabbriki apposta li jieħdu ħsieb jiffrankawlek dax-xogħol kollu u b’hekk inkun nista’ niddedika aktar ħin fuq il-lat kreattiv ta’ din is-sengħa.”

    Mill-aċċent Malti-Awstraljan tagħha ntbaħt li Candice għamlet xi żmien barra minn pajjiżna.

    “Meta kont żgħira jiena u l-familja tiegħi kellna razzett l-Awstralja. Konna nbiegħu l-bajd u kellna ħafna klijenti. Fostom kien hemm mara partikolari li kienet tiġi darba f’xahar u tieħu kwantità ta’ bajd minn għandna.

    Darba minnhom, ta’ tifla li kont, iddeċidejt li nistaqsiha x’kienet qed tagħmel b’dak il-bajd kollu? U hi weġbitni li d-darba li kien imissha tiġi għandna kienet ser iġġibli xiIċ-ċikonja ħaġa magħha biex turini x’tagħmel. Stennejtha bħar-ruħ biex tfittex tiġi għax imtlejt bil-kurżità. U ta’ mara li hi meta ġiet, veru ġabitli xi ħaġa u tagħtieli rigal! Kienet jewel-box ċkejkna u ħelwa ħafna mżejjna b’dekorazzjonijiet fini u sbieħ. Ma stajtx nemmen li dak l-oġġett delikat u oriġinali kien sar mill-bajd tagħna. Ma stajtx nifhem kif din irnexxielha taqta’, żżejjen u tlibbes il-bajda b’dak id-drapp u kuluri sbieħ!

    Intlift wara dak l-oġġett u bdejt nipprova nara kif ser nagħmel biex naħdem xi ħaġa bħalu. Hawnhekk irrid nirringrazzja lil ommi li nkoraġġietni u tatni ideat kreattivi biex nirnexxi f’dak li xtaqt nagħmel. Lili ġietni tajba wkoll għax fir-razzett tagħna kelli ħafna bajd għad-dispożizzjoni tiegħi u allura billi kissirt xi ftit sakemm tgħallimt intaqqabhom, ma ġara xejn. Imbagħad ridt nara kif ser nagħmel biex naqtagħhom u biex nagħtihom il-kulur.

    Bdejt nesperimenta b’kull ma jiġi għall-idejja sakemm fl-aħħar lestejt l-ewwel bajda tiegħi. Kienet jewel-box żgħira li jien żbaħt bin-nail polish. Miskina kemm kont ferħana biha! Illum għadha għandi imma merfugħa għax nistħi nuriha. Però żammejtha kemm b’nostalġija u kif ukoll bħala rikordju biex tfakkarni minn fejn bdejt.”

    Iżda meta darba minnhom Candice ġiet Malta mal-familja tagħha nħasdet.

    “Meta ġejt Malta 11 il-sena ilu ma stajt insib xejn biex inkompli nagħmel dax-xogħol. La stajt insib il-qxur tal-bajd li xtaqt, la ż-żebgħa li tgħodd għalihom, la l-qiegħan fuqhiex inpoġġi l-bajd komplut, la ċ-ċappetti għall-bibien tagħhom, xejn! Inkwetajt mhux ftit meta ntbaħt li ma stajtx inkompli b’dal-passatemp tiegħi. B’xorti tajba wara xi żmien iltqajt mar-raġel tiegħi li hu Malti u permezz tal-internet irnexxielna nibdew inġibu l-affarijiet ftit ftit minn barra. Meta erġajt sibt l-affarijiet f’idejja biex inkun nista’ naħdem bihom ħadt ir-ruħ u malli rajt kemm kont qed noħloq affarijiet sbieħ, daħħaltha f’rasi li xi darba jkolli l-ħanut tiegħi li minnu nkun nista’ nbiegħ dax-xogħol.”

    Ix-xewqa ta’ Candice inqatgħet 7 xhur ilu meta fetħet ħanut bl-isem ta’ New Eggsperience li jinsab fil-bidu tal-By Pass ta’ Wied il-Għajn. Nistqarr li ismu mhux darba u tnejnNew Eggsperience ġibidli l-attenzjoni jiena u nsuq minn quddiemu u kont ngħid bejni u bejn ruħi, dawn x’iridu jgħidu b’dan l-isem? Żgur li qatt ma bsart x’kien hemm wara dik il-vetrina kkulurita.

    “Għall-ewwel kont qed naħdem dawn l-affarijiet għalija biss. Imbagħad ġieli tajthom bħala rigali. Ftit ftit bdiet tixtered il-kelma u kien hemm min beda jistaqsini biex naħdimlu xi ħaġa. Oħrajn urew interess li jitgħallmu dis-sengħa.”

    Fil-fatt Candice issa bdiet tagħti xi taħriġ…

    “M’hemmx limitu ta’ età. Hawnhekk jiġu minn tfal sa adulti. L-importanti li wieħed ikun interessat li jitgħallem u li jkun kreattiv għax mill-bqija m’hemmx diffikultà kbira.

    Tant hu hekk illi jiena nagħti l-ewwel lezzjoni ta’ sagħtejn lil dawk li jibdew ġodda u f’dik il-lezzjoni stess dawn ilestu jewel-box mill-bidu sal-aħħar.

    Jiena nipprovdi ħafna mill-materjal u l-għodod u mbagħad hekk kif jitgħallmu, minn hawnhekk huma jkunu jistgħu jixtru l-materjal kollu neċessarju biex jaħdmu dawn l-oġġetti; ibda mill-bajd, il-kulur, id-drapp u spiċċa mill-kaxxi li jingħataw fihom jekk forsi jkunu jixtiequ jirregalawhom lil xi ħadd.

    Is-sistema tiegħi tal-lezzjonijiet hija waħda flessibbli fejn kull lezzjoni ddum sagħtejn u matulha nibdew u nlestu xi ħaġa partikolari: daqqa xi jewel-box, darboħra xi christmas-craker jew xi pupa bil-libsa eċċ. M’hemmx rabta li trid tattendi bilfors. Infatti hemm min iħallili d-dettalji tiegħu ħalli meta nkunu ser nagħmlu l-oġġett li jixtieq jipprova jagħmel hu nikkuntattjah u jiġi għall-lezzjoni.”

    B’esperjenza ta’ 15 il-sena illum Candice kapaċi toħloq l-isbaħ kreazzjonijiet. Xtaqtha tispjegali pass pass kif isir dax-xogħol?

    “Ġeneralment meta nara l-bajda f’idi, diġa nkun naf x’ser nagħmel biha. Id-daqs, il-forma, il-kulur; kollha jagħtuk indikazzjoni tal-possibilitajiet li tista’ taħdem bihom. Allura mbagħad meta jkolli diżinn Armarju u ornamenti maħduma mill-bajdf’moħħi jew fuq karta, naqbad il-bajda u npoġġieha taħt apparat li permezz tiegħu nimmarka d-diżinn fuqha. Mhux darba u tnejn illi d-diżinn ikun jirrikjedi li nkomplih b’idejja peress li l-apparat fih il-limiti tiegħu u jagħmel biss linji dritti.

    Wara npoġġi l-bajda ġewwa apparat ieħor sabiex naqtagħha kif nixtieq. Dan l-apparat huwa neċessarju ħafna minħabba li t-trab li joħroġ mill-bajda tant hu fin li jaf ikun perikoluż jekk ma tipproteġix ruħek minnu. Għandi cutters apposta skont it-tip u l-ħxuna ta’ bajda li nkun qed nuża.

    Meta nlesti, ngħaddi għall-kulur. Hawnhekk il-fantasija biss iżommok għalkemm hemm ċertu drabi fejn tkun Presepju ġo bajdadaqsxejn marbuta. Ngħidu aħna meta bħalissa qed naħdem ħafna xogħol tal-Milied inkun irrid nillimita ruħi bil-kuluri aħmar, ikħal, aħdar, deheb u fidda.

    Il-pass li jmiss ikun li tibda twaħħal iċ-ċappetti u mbagħad id-dekorazzjonijiet li tkun preparajt. Anki minn dawn hemm għażla kbira. Personalment fost l-aktar affarijiet li nħobb nuża’ huma l-kristalli peress li nemmen li jagħtu dehera rikka lill-oġġett. Ġieli ninkludi anki kristalli ta’ Swarovski u allura l-oġġett isir anki prezzjuż.

    Is-sabiħ ta’ dax-xogħol huwa li inti timponi l-limiti tiegħek fuqu għax fir-realtà tista’ taħdem kważi b’dak kollu li trid.”

    Bdejna nduru mal-għażla tal-oġġetti li hemm fil-ħanut u nnutajt li l-prezzijiet kienu raġonevoli ħafna.

    “Ħafna mill-oġġetti mhumiex sempliċiment ornamenti imma jistgħu jintużaw għal xi ħaġa. Għall-kuntrarju ta’ dak li jaħsbu ħafna, dawn l-affarijiet mhumiex fraġli żżejjed imma tista’ tiftaħhom u tpoġġi xi affarijiet fihom. Ovvjament ma tistax twaqqagħhom mal-art għax isiru frak imma dik bħal ħafna oġġetti oħra.

    Il-kollezzjonijiet jinkorporaw fihom bosta affarijiet bħal karijon bil-mużika, arloġġi, dawl, cameos u kxaxen.

    Peress li l-oġġetti huma maħduma bl-idejn nistgħu ngħidu li huma uniċi għax qatt ma tista’ tagħmel wieħed eżatt bħall-ieħor tipprova kemm tipprova. Barra minn hekk is-singularità nnifisha ta’ kull bajda timpedik minn dan u anki inti stess diffiċli biex toħroġ eżatt bl-istess riżultat.”

    Xtaqt inkun naf jekk kienx hemm xi biċċa xogħol minnhom li kienet għal qalbha aktar mill-oħrajn.  Ma damitx sekonda waħda biex weġbitni u ħaditni mill-ewwel ħdejh.

    “Bla dubju l-favorit huwa dan l-anġlu magħluq fil-bozza. Huwa tant għażiż għalija għax biex ħdimtu użajt cutters li ma kienux magħmula għal dax-xogħol tant mirqum u xorta irnexxieli. Dawk id-diżinji L-anġlu tiegħikollha tidwir qishom bizzilla mhumiex maħdumin mid-drapp imma huma maqtugħa fil-qoxra tal-bajda. Kburija ħafna bih u għall-ebda prezz jew raġuni ma nasal li nbiegħu. Qiegħed hawn biss biex min jiġi jkun jista’ jarah.

    Ngħiduha kif inhi, dawn ix-xogħolijiet tiegħi tant huma prezzjużi għalija illi nevita kemm nista’ li nbiegħhom. Fil-fatt nippreferi li naħdem fuq ordnijiet ħalli b’hekk jiena dejjem inżomm ix-xogħol l-oriġinali. Għalkemm dan mhux dejjem possibbli peress li ġieli jiġi xi ħadd li jkun irid l-oġġett dak il-ħin. F’każijiet hekk jiddependi kemm ikun faċli li nagħmel ieħor bħalu u meta ma jkunx daqshekk diffiċli, naċċetta li nbiegħu. Però nistqarr miegħek li qalbi tmur ma’ dawn l-oġġetti li jitilqu b’dal-mod.

    Huma tant għal qalbi għax jiena naf l-istorja wara l-ħolqien ta’ kull waħda minnhom. Ngħidu aħna l-idea ta’ dil-fjura vjola ġiet f’moħħi meta rajt dawn il-par idejn grazzjużi li qed iżommuha. Hekk kif rajt dawn l-idejn mal-ewwel laqtuni u tħassibt x’nista’ nagħmel fuqhom peress li kienu tant sbieħ. Minn hemm ħarġet din l-idea tal-fjura maġika li tikkonsisti minn fjura ġo fjura maħduma minn bajda ġo bajda, fejn il-petali kollha jinfetħu waħda waħda sakemm jiżvelaw l-ornament sabiħ moħbi fil-ġewwieni tagħha.”

    Candice għarrfitni li anki l-klijenti għandhom l-oġġetti favoriti tagħhom.

    “Din il-karozzella  u din il-gazebo bl-għarajjes ġewwa fihom huma l-aktar żewġ oġġetti popolari. Il-problema hija li huma tnejn mill-aktar oġġetti imprekattivi u fihom kedda kbira biex isiru. L-akbar diffikultà tinsab fil-bibien tal-karozzella peress li dawn iridu jiġu pariġġ imma kif diġà għedtlek, l-ebda bajda mhi bħall-oħra! Il-gazebo ukoll fiha ħafna lavur u trid iż-żmien biex tinħadem.

    Dawn iż-żewġ ornamenti jittieħdu ħafna bħala rigali għat-tiġien u anki biex jiżżejjen il-wiċċ tal-kejk tat-tieġ. Dan l-aħħar kelli ordni ta’ waħda minnhom li ridietha f’xahrejn u kelli noqgħod fuqha u nlestiha malajr kemm jista’ jkun. Madanakollu idealment għal xi ħaġa hekk nippreferi jekk wieħed jagħtini l-ordni mill-inqas erbgħa xhur qabel għax dan mhux xogħol li jippermettilek tgħaġġel wisq.”

    Ix-xogħol huwa tant straodinarju li diffiċli ħafna biex niddeskrivih bil-kitba. Barra minn hekk id-dettalji li fihom u d-diversità tagħhom jirrikjedu li tpoġġi kwiet Il-karozzellaquddiemhom u tiflihom sew għax inkella żgur li jaħrablek xi ħaġa. Biex turini l-flessibilità ta’ dax-xogħol Candice ġibditli l-attenzjoni lejn bajda kbira partikolari li mill-flieli tagħha joħorġu 12 il-bieba bi 12 il-ritratt differenti.

    “Kemm jista’ jkun nipprova nħalli l-forma tal-bajda jidher sew imma mhux dejjem tkun tista’. Per eżempju d-dublett ta’ dawn il-pupi maħdum minn biċċa bajda u anki dil-qanpiena imma mbagħad għandi ħafna oħrajn fejn l-għamla tal-bajda hija tassew evidenti.”

    Xtaqt nagħlaq billi nistaqsiha x’inhu s-sodisfazzjon li jagħtiha dax-xogħol?

    “L-ewwel nett meta nara biċċa xogħol lesta nħossni kburija li rnexxieli noħloqha jien. Min-naħa l-oħra nieħu wisq sodisfazzjon meta nara n-nies jistagħġbu b’dax-xogħolijiet u japprezzawhom u jixtruhom. Daqstant ieħor inħossni kuntenta meta xi ħadd li ħarriġt jien stess jiġi jurini xi ħaġa li għamel hu u nipprova kemm nista’ li nibqa’ ninkoraġġihom.

    Ġieli jkun hemm min jistaqsini jekk nibżax li xi ħadd minn dawn għad ikun ta’ kompetizzjoni għalija u probabbilment xi darba hekk jiġri. Imma għidli, x’jiswa li jkollok talent u taħbih jew toqgħod iżżommu għalik?

    Għalija dawn huma sempliċiment teżori żgħar li jservu bħala rigali uniċi għal dak ix-xi ħadd speċjali.”

    (Nota: Dan l-artiklu ġie ppubblikat fit-Torċa tas-17 t’Ottubru 2011)

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