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    It is hard not to see a soul in the earnest eyes of a faithful animal, and it is this very entity that the intricate and colourful brush strokes of pet artist Gaynor Hunt seek to portray.

    Gaynor HuntMost pets have a significant meaning in people’s lives. Their loyal companionship at times tends to excel even the presence of other humans. Indeed, many owners regard them as part of one’s family, whilst for some individuals who find themselves alone, a pet becomes the family. Pets give people joy, friendship, support and love. Ultimately their loss could prove to be quite painful.

    “When my brother’s labrador died he missed it terribly and to comfort him, his partner commissioned a portrait of it. My brother was delighted with this gift and during that moment I understood the value of such work and decided instantly that one day, that would be my job.”

    Quite artistic from childhood, Gaynor was further encouraged by her father when he involved her in the restoration of antique vehicles and machines.

    “Around the farm where we lived in Derbyshire, England, there was an extensive stretch of land which my father allotted for a number of ancient vehicles that he intended to restore. There were all sorts of objects such as trucks, small steam trains, carousels and even an old Maltese bus. I used to help him restore their painting and this eventually led me to work as a sign-writer artist. Subsequently, my father succeeded to transform this land into a museum.”

    Cat (1)When Gaynor met her partner she had to let go of her painting since they needed to travel frequently. However in these last years they have settled in Malta and finally Gaynor found the time to fulfill her dream.

    “I find Malta’s picturesque scenery deeply inspiring for my artworks. Now I have my studio where I can work at my leisure and relish the feeling of being surrounded by my creations.”

    Gaynor’s studio is delightful, comfortable and bright. The vision and smell of the various oil colours lying neatly at one’s reach are enticing. I found her working on the painting of a leopard. Somehow animals are her preferred subject…

    “I find animals extremely fascinating to paint, much more than humans. Probably because they are so varied and beautiful. While I’m painting them I actually feel the sensation of their presence: their wet noses, their velvety long or short fur, their strong bones or their delicate structure. It’s difficult to explain… it’s a strange and lovely sentiment. Inevitably this passion was born in me during my childhood years when I lived on the farm.”

    Paintings of domestic and wild animals were displayed around Gaynor’s studio. However, a painting of a boxer dog seemed to stand in a prominent spot.

    Rocky“That is my favourite painting. It shows my dog, Rocky. I missed him intensely when he passed away but when I finally completed his painting, I regained a sense of comfort since now I feel him beside me whenever I look at his image. The painting shows him exactly as I remember him: smart, proud and playful.”

    Though a common tradition in England, pet portaiture is not characteristic in Maltese culture.

    “I find this quite strange because I notice that Maltese people are very fond of their pets. Presumably it is because they are not aware of the availability of pet artists. A painting of one’s pet is a way of eternalizing its memories. It is a distinguished symbol of the deep love that can exist between humans and their animals.”

    For more information Gaynor Hunt can be contacted on email or mobile 99809445.

    (An edited version of this article was published in FIRST magazine that was issued with The Malta Independent on Sunday on 12 August 2012. A pdf version of the published feature  is also available under the title PART OF THE FAMILY).

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