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    I am a freelance writer though I consider myself much more as a story-teller. I find people intriguing and so I love to hear their experiences, hopes, dreams, disappointments and achievements. The more I get to know people, it becomes even more evident that after all we are so similar and yet so curiously different! My skill consists in translating these encounters into fascinating narratives from which others can learn or get interested in or maybe identify
    with. Many subjects entice me and yet generally I prefer to delve into unusual themes. This does not mean that I’m after the sensational or the extraordinary. In fact ironically my best articles were usually conferred to me by individuals who thought they were too ordinary for anyone to write about them. I believe that people are like books –  they have many stories to tell and there is no life not worth recounting. They just need someone interested enough to delve through their pages and read out excerpts from them to others. So take note… if any of you out there would like to tell me your stories, I’m all ears!

    fiona vella - black catI invite you to view my works and would much appreciate your comments about them.